What is Forensic?

Forensic, in the context of financial and legal services, refers to the systematic and specialized approach to investigating, analyzing, and addressing various issues related to financial crime, legal disputes, and risk management. Forensic services encompass a wide range of activities aimed at protecting businesses and organizations from potential threats and challenges in today’s complex business landscape. Forensic is a critical aspect of these services, employing advanced technologies and analytics to proactively identify and assess risks in the digital realm. This includes strengthening digital assets and improving security measures to prevent financial crimes and other threats.

How It's Done

Forensic work in finance involves analyzing financial records and transactions to detect fraud and irregularities. The ultimate goal is to ensure financial transparency, integrity, and compliance with regulations while protecting the interests of stakeholders and preventing financial loss.


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Discover how forensic can unravel financial mysteries, safeguard your investments, and ensure financial integrity.

Blockchain-Based Forensic Accounting

Blockchain technology, with its transparency and immutability, aids forensic accountants in tracking financial activities accurately.

Advanced Data Analytics

Big data and machine learning revolutionize forensic accounting by quickly analyzing vast datasets for anomalies and patterns indicative of fraud.

Digital Forensics

Digital forensics and cybersecurity are vital in combating cybercrime. Forensic accountants analyze digital trails, track cryptocurrency transactions, and secure electronic evidence

Benefits of Forensic Service

Identifies and mitigates financial and legal risks.

Enhances digital asset security and risk management.

Efficient data governance and compliance

Preserve, and analyze financial evidence.

Improve internal controls and financial processes

Minimize losses by identifying financial irregularities.

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Forensic accountants often work closely with legal professionals, law enforcement agencies, insurance companies, and businesses to uncover financial irregularities, support legal cases, and maintain financial transparency and accountability.

Forensic Data Analysis

Using advanced data analytics techniques to examine large volumes of financial data for patterns, anomalies, or evidence of fraudulent activity.

Insurance Claims Investigations

Assessing insurance claims to determine the legitimacy of claims and the extent of losses, especially in cases of suspected insurance fraud.

Embezzlement Investigations

Investigating cases of employee theft, embezzlement, or misappropriation of company funds.

Divorce and Marital Disputes

Providing financial analysis and asset valuation services to assist in divorce proceedings, particularly in the equitable distribution of assets.

Digital Forensics

Digital Evidence Examination

SPR&CO Chartered Accountant Firm offers digital forensics services, specialising in the thorough examination and analysis of digital devices, including computers, mobile phones, and storage media

Cybercrime Investigations

Our experienced team of digital forensic experts assists in investigating cybercrimes, data breaches, intellectual property theft, and other digital offences

Data Recovery and Preservation

In cases of data loss or suspected data tampering, we provide data recovery and preservation services to ensure the integrity and availability of digital evidence

Forensic Pathology

The study of causes of death through the examination of deceased bodies, including autopsies to determine the manner and cause of death, often in cases of homicides, accidents, or suspicious deaths.

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