Forensics admin November 18, 2021

Significant proliferation of White collar crimes and economic offenses across the business landscape poses a serious threat to reliable financial reporting and result in erosion of value across the stakeholder spectrum comprising of investors, lenders, employees, suppliers et al.

The need for forensics related services arises due to fraud related discussions and concerns on management overrides of controls which dominate board rooms agendas more than ever. Our services are tailored to enable holistic client engagement on the preventive, detective and defense aspects of the fraud spectrum.

We focus on interpreting and applying the accounting standards and latest notifications with an unbiased perspective providing management with clear insights to complex issues. Our solutions help entities to foresee and adapt to changes in the taxation landscape and build better controls to address regulatory risks

  • Algorithmic Reviews
  • Early Warning and Anti fraud framework review
  • Fraud Due diligence
  • Background checks
  • Whistler blower letter review
  • Employee Audits
  • Vendor Due Diligence
  • Third party audits
  • Avoidance Transaction and exception Reporting
  • Computer based forensics
  • Identifying fraudulent financial reporting