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Our key features are designed to enable our clients to have a multi-faceted approach to invoice digitization, resulting in an improved employee workflow.

Invoice Tracking

Track invoices at each stage of approval with complete transparency pertaining to the users involved in the transaction, leading to increased accountability and governance.

Workflow Based Approval

Our interface provides for extensive role- based user mapping, dividing the workload amongst the users for effective and efficient invoice processing without compromising on security or privacy of data.

Vendor management

We guarantee that missed vendor discounts, duplicate and delayed payments are problems of the past, with our user-friendly interface that highlights errors and remarks for immediate correction at each stage of invoice processing.

Audit Trail

Follow records back to their origin with complete reconstruction of events with intrusion detection. I-Flow plays a vital role in the maintenance, availability, and integrity of records to provide auditable information as and when required

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With I-flow, discover those pieces that make the perfect fit.

I-Flow eliminates the time and money spent on error-prone, manual processing of paper-based invoices. Understand how you can now save time and money by allocating your accounting resources more efficiently.

Constantly breaking the barriers that impede your workflow,
with intelligent invoice processing.

User Friendly

View who created, authorized and processed an invoice to its subsequent payment. Experience a real-time view of all the remarks and instructions pertaining to an invoice across its multiple users.

Easy Processing

Instant access to invoices pending processing. Gone are those days where internal searches for invoices in paper form need to take place to completely process a pending invoice.


Our user interface can be specifically customized to cater to the needs of the existing ERP of our client, to ensure synergy that adds value by simplifying the overall invoicing process.

Categorized Invoices

Invoices can now be classified or segmented by the user with extensive control over any further sorting or re-categorization of the invoice and its related documents.

Low Turnaround Time

Experience low turnaround times with our simplified dashboards that enable users to approve or reject invoices with detailed remarks or instructions almost instantaneously

Credit Period Monitoring

keep track of pending payments and due dates with our credit period monitoring dashboard which will ensure payments are disbursed on time to vendors and suppliers.

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