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 we believe that integrity and loyalty are the essential ingredients to success regardless of the industry our client operates in, at walto whistles we guarantee that your successful business remains a reliable one.

But why do I need walto whistles?

The complex nature of business operations, high volume of transactions, limited integration of data across organizations and obsolete internal controls results in traditional routes such as internal audit or reviews being unable to raise the required red flags, that employees working within the organization are aware of.

The quality of our services are not measured by its inputs, but the benefit it entails our client instead.

We believe in providing services of value, that enable the management to have a detailed understanding of the issues at hand, whilst expediting the overall decision making process.


We provide our clients with elaborate background checks, requisite market surveys including vendor due diligence. Additionally we provide third-party and employee audits as well. 


Our unique algorithmic reviews provide for easy identification of threats. We conduct detailed vulnerability assessments that help identify areas of potential fraud and strengthen them with commensurate anti-fraud policies.


We conduct investigations and target forensics of suspected cases of bribery or corruption as and when requested with an end-to-end defence mechanism and conclusive evidence.


Our team consists of specialists that are well versed with a range  investigative and reporting techniques that enable us to offer an extensive and exhaustive list of services that are catered specifically to suit every conceivable area of risk.


Our services entail multi-faceted Data and network analysis tools to enable a detailed inquiry to take place if required. 

Numbers don't lie, sadly people do.

We acknowledge that being a whistleblower in India, is not without its challenges, however the numbers from around the world paint a promising picture.

43 %

Of schemes were detected by tips, and half of those tips came from employees


Increase over the last decade for use of targeted anti- fraud controls, training employees and managers for quicker detection of fraud


Increase in frauds contributed by manipulation of internal controls, where a detailed whistleblower policy and system was absent or ineffectively implemented


Of tips were gathered due to the existence of formal reporting mechanisms

At Walto Whistles, we help you adapt to changing times whilst adhering to your unchanged principles.

At Walto Whistles, we help you adapt to changing times whilst adhering to your unchanged principles.

Employee Protection

Taking the stress out of a high-risk process, Full protection of the identity of a whistle-blower who chooses to remain anonymous.
Disclosures, interviews, case evidence and timelines are consolidated in one place.

Insightful Analytics

Disclosure Dashboards with built-in analytics for summaries, progress tracking and updates. Analytics on the risk profile of our client’s organization based on its report patterns in comparison to industry trends.

Effective Timelines

Our mechanism allows for detailed reviews and discussion over investigative and audit reports at any point in time. We condense what is often in-depth data to provide you with actionable insights enabling prioritisation and remedy in a controlled timeline.

Complete Governance

Our clients experience a seamless process implementation right from the structuring of the framework, to its subsequent implementation.

Numbers that prove we listen to the tune of every whistle.

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