Sridhar Srinivasan



A seasoned expert in Quality Management Systems (QMS) and Lean Six Sigma, with over 35 years of professional experience in both Government and Corporate sectors, currently serves as the Head of Quality. With a wealth of expertise in Quality Consulting and Training, he has supported customers across Finance & Accounting, Healthcare, Insurance, and HR/PMO Shared Services for the past 16 years.

His career began as a Finance executive at the Indian Statistical Institute, transitioning to the corporate sector in 2007. He has successfully led Quality and Lean Six Sigma initiatives at prominent organizations, including Infosys BPO, Cognizant, Renault Nissan, Dell BPO, and NTT Data Services. As a freelance consultant, he established the Quality function for the Customer Support department at Freshworks.

He has conducted Quality and Lean Six Sigma trainings for over 2300 participants and mentored more than 240 projects, generating significant dollar savings for stakeholders. His extensive experience and dedication to quality improvement make him a sought-after consultant and trainer in the industry.

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