A Certified Fraud Examiner and Risk Professional with a decade of experience in risk and governance, I specialize in risk-based internal audits, forensic accounting, and fraud detection. My expertise spans financial investigations, target forensics, fraud risk assessments, analytical reviews, and the formulation and review of process documentation across diverse industries, notably in the manufacturing and service sectors.

Currently serving as Associate Director in Risk and Assurance (Consulting), I have conducted a wide array of audits, including process and operations audits, compliance audits, IT audits, forensic audits, and risk assessments. My skills in data analysis, risk assessment, and regulatory compliance are complemented by my ability to collaborate effectively with law enforcement and legal professionals to bring fraudsters to justice.

Renowned for meticulous attention to detail, integrity, and analytical thinking, I am committed to maintaining the highest standards of professional ethics. Continuously enhancing my expertise in emerging fraud schemes and technologies, I am dedicated to protecting organizations from financial misconduct and driving ethical business practices. Seeking to leverage my extensive experience, I aim to safeguard organizations and promote a culture of integrity and accountability.

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