SPR&Co, a trusted Chartered Accountant firm, offers a comprehensive suite of Verification and Valuation Services that are highly regarded in the industry. With a commitment to precision and integrity, SPR&Co specialises in assessing and verifying the financial aspects of businesses and assets, providing invaluable insights to clients.

Services Covered

Comprehensive Inspection

SPR&CO conducts a thorough physical inspection of all fixed assets, including equipment, machinery, vehicles, and office furnishings.

Asset Tagging

Each fixed asset is assigned a unique identification tag, such as a barcode or RFID tag. This tagging helps in easy tracking and identification.

Data Collection

Detailed information about each fixed asset is collected during the verification process.

Photographic Documentation

High-quality photographs of each fixed asset are taken to provide visual evidence and aid in future reference.

Verification Against Records

The physical condition and location of each asset are compared to the records in the company's asset register to identify any discrepancies.


Any variances between the physical verification and the records are documented and reconciled, ensuring accurate asset data.

How It Is Done?

Our Finance Assurance process is designed with your convenience in mind. Upon engagement, our proficient team navigates your financial systems to ensure compliance, accuracy, and integrity. We work seamlessly with your team, adapting our approach to your specific requirements. The result is a streamlined process that provides valuable insights without disrupting your operations.

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Why Choose SPR & Co's Finance Assurance

At SPR&CO, we make sure fixed assets are right by following a careful and organised process. Here’s how we do it.
Transparent Insights

Our reports don’t just present numbers; they present insights you can trust.

Gain transparency into your financial processes, allowing you to make decisions based on accurate and reliable data.

Investor Attraction

Identify and address potential financial risks before they escalate.

Our in-depth analysis helps you fortify internal controls and minimize vulnerabilities.

Compliance Assurance

Stay ahead of regulatory changes and industry standards.

Our Finance Assurance service ensures that your financial practices align with best practices and regulatory requirements.

Regulatory Compliance

Demonstrate your commitment to financial integrity and transparency.

Our service enhances your
credibility among investors and stakeholders.

The Performance


We provide you with a detailed report that includes the verified assets, their condition, and any discrepancies found during the process.


Once the verification is complete and any discrepancies are resolved, your fixed asset records are updated for accuracy.


We can also assist in setting up a system for ongoing maintenance of your fixed asset records, including regular updates and audits.

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