Assurance Services

Statutory Audit

Statutory Audit of Banks
Statutory Audit of Companies as per Companies Act 2013

Opinions and Certifications​

  • Opinions on Accounting Standard Applicability and Interpretations
  • Opinion on Specific Accounting treatments in books of accounts
  • Net worth Certifications
  • Asset Cover Certifications

RBI Compliance

  • Filing of RBI Returns for NBFC’s
  • Foreign Assets and Liabilities Returns (FLA Returns)
  • ECB Filings

Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) Compliance Services

  • Focus on robust internal controls over financial reporting, which finance assurance services can help you implement and assess.
  • Provide objective testing and reporting on your internal controls, ensuring SOX adherence.
  • SOX compliance lies with management. Finance assurance services can guide and support management in fulfilling this responsibility.
  • SOX compliance extends to data security and IT controls. Finance assurance services can help evaluate and strengthen these areas.
  • SOX compliance is an ongoing process. Finance assurance services can assist with continuous monitoring, identification of control weaknesses, and implementing improvements.

Physical Verification

  • Physical Verification of Fixed Assets
  • Physical Verification of Inventory, Spares, Consumables
  • Cash Verification
  • Currency Chest Verification – Banks
  • Stationary Verification in Banks (Cheque, DD, Other Banking documents)


Risk Assessments.
Security Rule Compliance.
In epen ent veri ication o compliance through testing and documentation review.
Reduced risk of HIPAA violations and penalties.
Improved data security and privacy posture.
Demonstrated commitment to regulatory compliance.

ISAE 3402

Assistance in obtaining Certificates from Tax Authorities:
a Lower Wit o ing Tax WHT Certificate
b) Tax Deduction at Source (TDS) Certificate
Various Exemption Certificates & Approvals – such as 12AB, Tax Residency Certificate (Form IOF)
Setting up of Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) and conversion strategies)


SOC 1: Reports on internal controls over financial reporting.
SOC 2: Focuses on controls related to security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, or privacy.
SOC 3: Summarizes information from a SOC 2 report for general purposes.
SOC 4: Reports on specific controls relevant to a particular service or type of business.

General IT Controls Review

Identify the control framework used for the review (e.g., COBI T, COSO, NIST CSF).
Recognize the different testing procedures employed, such as observation, interviews, documentation review, and testing of controls.
Risk Assessment.
Reporting and Remediation.

Business Responsibility and Sustainability Reporting (BRSR)

A) BRSR Report Preparation

Applicability Assessement BRSR Lite / BRSR Comprehensive

Data Collation in accordance with NGRBC Principles

Assistance in preparation of BRSR Report as per SEBI

B) Policies and Procedures

Development and Review of Mandatory Business Policies as per SEBI on the following areas:
Integrity and Governance
Policy for handling goods and services & product safety
Stakeholder welfare policy
Human Rights policy Employee welfare and development policy
Public care and regulatory Policy
Growth and equitable development Policy
Consumer value development Policy

C ) Assurance Engagement

Reporting in accordance with ISAE3000 Standards
Accountability 1000Assurance Standard (AAIOOOAS)
Type 1 Reporting
Type 2 Reporting

Social Stock Exchange

Registration of NPO with Social Stock Exchange
Assistance in Funding Model Determination and Adoption
CSR Project Audits
Social Impact Assessments
ocial Audits
Compliance to Social Audit Standards

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