WALTO admin December 1, 2021

Walto is a Digital Operations Factory (DOF) accelerating digital transformations and enabling change. Our DOF model ensures that your business spurt is met by an equally competent technology arm. We aim to churn strategies & products that accelerate change and growth for Businesses.

Our DOF model caters as an overarching umbrella integrating and unifying efforts in Digitization, Automation, Product Experience, Digital Marketing and Analytics in your strategic direction.


Walto embraces the uniqueness of your business and process. Our structured suite of digital delivery capabilities will provide you what works for you – solutions that are smart, sustainable and cost effective. Each engagement follows the define, design, deploy approach that guarantees value to your organisation.

Our unique and cross-functional team with it’s multi-faceted experience understands business, finance, technology and the market in it’s ecosystem. We create, recommend and deploy products and solutions that fit the bill and expend money as you would.

  • Walto I-flow
  • Walto Fin-State
  • Walto Audit Management System
  • Walto PV Connect
  • Walto Lobby Management
  • Walto Digital Verification
  • Custom App developments
  • Strategic & Targeted Marketing
  • Market Place Consultancy
  • Social Media Management
  • Call Center Management
  • Behavioural Analysis