Review of Policies and Procedures admin January 11, 2022
Review of Policies and Procedures

Customer :

A Mining Company in the African continent.

Business Requirement :

Identification of the existing policies and procedures being maintained by the entities across the following departments / process areas:

Finance, Human Resources, Procurement, Inventory, Logistics, Scrap, Plant / Refinery, Mining, Engineering, TSD, CSR, IR & PR, Sales and Marketing, Information Technology.

Creation of repository of documents in a single platform (Sharepoint), Ensuring standardization of documents.

Identified Process Challenges :

Multiple documents lying with various stakeholders.

Absence of Single point of storage of documents.

Practice of manual sign offs being followed.

SOP / Policies not in line with the current practices followed.

Approach and Solution Design :

Identification of SPOC’s for various processes defined above, Identification of Policies and Procedures existing with the entity, Classification of documents as relevant / irrelevant, Creation of a repository of documents function wise, Identification of relevant Business Blue print documents (SAP), User interviews to assess the documents and understand existing process, Documentation of the procedures / policies in standard formats pre agreed with the entity, Discuss and finalize the documents with respective user departments, Upload of documents and enabling e-sign offs by users in sharepoint.

Business Benefit and Result :

Existence and visibility of the SBU wise policies and procedures in one platform.

Comprehensive listing of policies and procedures SBU wise with the approval matrix.

SOP documents uploaded in SharePoint.

Policy documents uploaded in SharePoint.