Implementation of Risk Management Framework admin January 20, 2021
Implementation of Risk Management Framework

Customer :

An Engineering, Procurement and Construction major.

Business Requirement :

The company is a one of the largest EPC companies in India:

Review the Risk Management Framework, Understand their Business Process with respect to Project Planning, Project Implementation, Design the Policies and Procedures, Implementation of Controls in their Organization.

Approach and Solution Design :

The Engagement team had identified the solutions for each of the challenges presented by performing the following:

Conduct Top-Down approach of process understanding across user profiles and modelled the entire flow of project lifecycle, Identified the flow of data across sources – software and interfaces and mapped the same to business processes, Business process wise ERP functionality provisions were mapped and identified unutilized functionalities to enable in future and key critical areas were recommended for pointed product solutions, Documentation of the procedures / policies in standard formats pre agreed with the entity & creation of a repository of documents function wise.

Business Benefit and Result :

Delivered a comprehensive Policy and Procedure document for each of their Business Processes, Prepared a standard formats for each Business Processes and implemented automation in to the critical Business Processes, Periodically reviewed the compliance with the designed policies and procedures and assist the Management in mitigating the risks in Business Processes, The above resulted in reduced cost of operations and better compliance with respect to relevant laws applicable for the organization.