Travel Claim Review admin January 20, 2021
Travel Claim Review

Customer :

A Major conglomerate in India.

Business Requirement :

The key objectives of this engagement would be to review the employee travel claims and determine it’s authenticity.

Identified Process Challenges :

  • Absence of data required for analysis,
  • Data entering entire year’s travel details manually

Approach and Solution Design :

The Engagement team had identified the solutions for each of the challenges presented by performing the following:

Determining frauds, if any, by employees in hotel/lodging bills by claiming excess amounts as reimbursements than actually incurred.

Business Benefit and Result :

Post data entering all travel claim details of all employees for the audit period (primarily the details of lodging), analytics was performed to identify anomalies, All doubtful hotels were called on recorded lines, to enquire about the tariffs to identify significant variance in amount as claimed by the employee, Further, an audit team member visited the hotel and stayed one night to collect documentary evidence of the tariff, Based on the report submitted, stern actions were taken by the management on unethical employees.