KPI Digital Boardroom – Measure, Track and Report admin January 11, 2022
KPI Digital Boardroom – Measure, Track and Report

Customer :

A Mining Company in the African continent [South Africa and Namibia].

Business Requirement :

Management was looking to enable automated reporting of Key Performance, Safety and Compliance indicators across their Group, consisting 1 Corporate and 3 SBU’s. They also wanted to Collect and Consolidate historically reported KPI’s to enable enhanced insights. The Final deliverable was to develop a Comprehensive System.

  • To Collect data from Departments/Application data sources every month
  • Get the signoff by Department and Business Heads confirm their review and acceptance of data including calculation by the System
  • Report the KPI results through a Digital Interactive Dashboard for the Consumption of Relevant stakeholders.
  • Train Department HOD’s and users for enabling them to update/approve for periodical reporting.

Identified Process Challenges :

  • Obtaining historical data from various departments within each SBU’s / Corporate across the group.
  • Reporting of KPI’s were different across months within the same SBU’s. Also, KPI’s between SBU’s were not consistent/standard.
  • KPI’s reported across the entity did not have a defined logic to confirm, if all SBU’s have used the same input parameters for computation of KPI’s.

Approach and Solution Design :

  • Understanding of the current MIS information and systems in place
  • Preparation of an integrated MIS Dashboard in excel for future use by various SBU’s which shall be onboarded to the Power BI platform accordingly.
  • Collation of historical information for the MIS dashboard across various departments of SBU’s.
  • Build the dashboards based on iterations of discussions with users and adopting best practices across industries.
  • Ensuring uniformity in reporting, computation and consistency of information reported.
  • Capturing the source of information for reporting parameters for future references.

Business Benefit and Result :

  • All KPI data including the Historical information is available in a single source
  • Integrated reporting structure with the authorized users to access and consume their Input data and resultant KPI’s.
  • Comprehensive Dashboard assets published to SharePoint to enable appropriate access restrictions.
  • The Integrity of data available for Management is ensured through an automated sign off process