Contract Management and Dashboard Reporting admin January 11, 2022
Contract Management and Dashboard Reporting

Customer :

A Leading Construction Company.

Business Requirement :

Company wanted to implement Vendor partner portal that includes contract management along with dashboards and metrics that enables senior leadership across contract management phases across lifecycle.

Conducting Finance Operations efficiently and effectively.

In the new business model, the applications must handle a 36-hour out ordering process where in OCR had to be implemented to read the contract terms and track and report deviation and enable risks as applicable from the perspective of data.

Identified Process Challenges :

Having a team skilled across multiple technologies.

Missing or incomplete documentation on the legacy applications.

Stability of the testing environment.

Frequently varying scope, requirements, and timelines.

No SME for contract management standardization, multiple contract formats and no single order flow.

‘Printer Connectivity’ to validate the print layout of manifest / Contract details.

Approach and Solution Design :

Contract management was taken as a separate project with SME and Technical Team.

Standardization of terms and conditions across PO and Work Order .

Structure for Contract type, Documentation, Baseline of Services.

Data clean up, Data structuring OCR enablement to PDF conversion for documenting the key terms and conditions .

Contract management Status dashboard, Risk Dashboard, Vendor performance scoring and risk scoring set up in the system through technical wireframes

Set up of OCR for existing manual contracts of in progress and completed ones between the last 2 years documented and integrated with the system.

Ranking based on contract adherence done across key jobs.

Business Benefit and Result :

Right-sized testing team to fit the changing scope.

Timely rollout to onboard more than 15000 contracts parallelly.

Automation of End-To-End sunny day and non-happy path scenarios.

One-time onboarding and contract management through the system enabled for $800 million worth contracts.